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Carbon Steel in Milestone Garden Centre 

The team at Milestone Garden Centre in Melrose have introduced a brand-new back wall modular display, along with the full Carbon Steel tools range. Here are three products from the range that we know your customers will love: Extra-Wide Leaf Rake, Digging Fork and Hand Transplanter. 

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Extra-Wide Leaf Rake 

The Extra-Wide Leaf Rake is great for raking up leaves and lighter material with little effort – making it especially useful for gardeners that need to rake up big clumps of leaves throughout the year. Its lightweight construction, extra wide plastic head, and long handle make it a perfect tool for use without needing to stoop or bend.   

Digging Fork 

Get a helping hand to turn over soil with the Carbon Steel Digging Fork. The Digging Fork is long and broad, ideal for loosening different types of soil, helping turn over large areas of soil fast. Forged from one piece of carbon steel, this product is lighter than traditional garden forks, meaning it can be used for longer with ease.  

Hand Transplanter 

Create accurate planting holes with the Carbon Steel Hand Transplanter. Slimmer than classic trowels, this tool has been designed to help gardeners plant in dense borders, moving plants delicately from one place to the next.  

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