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We’re delighted to introduce AMES Tools!

A close up of AMES digging tools in carbon steel.

We’re delighted to finally introduce AMES Tools, our range of high quality, hand-crafted tools created with the gardener in mind.

This brand-new collection of horticultural tools, developed by experts, is split in into two ranges in distinct materials: carbon steel and stainless steel.

AMES Tools heritage

It’s brand new in the marketplace, but the AMES Tools collection is the product of hundreds of years of expertise.

As part of the AMES Companies, AMES Tools has been developed with AMES specialists in forging, tempering, welding and assembly – making the range both expert-developed and user-friendly.

Across the entire range, AMES Tools are built with quality and longevity in mind, so the fabrication for each item has been precisely specified for a balance of usability, robustness and aesthetic appeal to make it a gardener’s first choice – and every item comes with a 15 year guarantee.

Some design features sit across all tools: FSC® certified ash wood handles; plus one-piece steel stamping to minimise weak points at the head, and double rivets for extra shaft strength on spades and forks.

You’ll also find our specially designed comfort step on Carbon Steel digging tools – including spades, shovels and forks – for increased power and leverage without compromising foot-feel.

AMES Tools: Carbon Steel

  • Tempered carbon steel
  • FSC certified ash wood handles
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Comfort step for increased power and leverage
  • One-piece steel stamping
  • Protective lacquered finish

The Carbon Steel range is perfect for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike, and sits at a great price point. Made using the best tempered steel with a high carbon content, the tools are strong and durable, but flexible enough for all garden needs. AMES Carbon Steel spades are stamped from one piece of steel, making the tool lighter overall and pleasant to use, so gardeners can work more comfortably for longer.

There are 24 tools in the AMES Tools carbon steel range including 8 hand tools, 7 digging and 9 cultivating tools.

AMES Tools: Stainless steel

  • Stainless steel
  • Classic design
  • FSC certified ash wood handles
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Polished heads

The stainless steel range has a traditional look and feel with heavier handling; the high chromium content gives each tool a protective layer and the stainless steel fabrication offers resistance to corrosion and staining, and minimal soil adhesion.

The fully wooden handles and polished finish on the AMES stainless steel range make these tools a stylish choice with no compromise on durability.

There are 27 tools in the stainless steel range: 12 hand tools, 5 for digging and 10 for cultivation.

Who are AMES Tools for?

AMES Tools are for any gardener. Every tool in the AMES Tools collection has been designed for ease of use, quality and longevity, complete with a 15 year guarantee.

AMES Tools retailer support

Stocking AMES Tools is straightforward.

There are 4 point of sale options:

  • Gold: Back wall stand offering 1 or 2 bays with lighted canopies and educational POS banners
  • Silver: Island display unit offering a 360 degree experience with wheels for positioning
  • Bronze: Hanging display unit with a small footprint ideal for best-sellers or seasonal highlights
  • Additional promotional FSDU in cardboard supplied flat-packed for a pop-up, drop-in solution

They’re all supported with the signature black and green AMES Tools identity so your customers can instantly recognise the brand they’re looking for.

Over on the trade portal, we’re supporting the digital customer journey too – register or login to access the entire library of cut-out and lifestyle imagery, product descriptions and guides, all readily available to make updating your online store easy.

Ready to stock AMES Tools? Register your interest or get in touch with your existing AMES sales manager today.

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