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AMES Tools: What’s in the range?

AMES Tools: what's in the range?

AMES Tools have arrived! Many years in development thanks to a global legacy, we’re delighted to launch AMES Tools: a high quality collection of garden tools across carbon steel and stainless steel ranges.

As part of the AMES Companies, AMES Tools enjoys a rich brand heritage, borne from global tool manufacture specialisms and centuries of combined expertise.

The AMES Tools offering

In the AMES Tools carbon steel offering, you’ll find 24 pieces: 8 hand tools, 7 digging tools and 9 cultivating tools.

The AMES Tools stainless steel range comprises 27 variants including 12 hand tools, 5 for digging and 10 for cultivating.

Across the entire collection, the AMES Tools are built with quality and longevity in mind – variously finished with stamped heads, tempering, double rivets, comfort steps and tumbled, lacquered finishes to provide the gardener with a practical, comfortable and premium-feeling experience.

Here, we’re breaking down the range to show what’s available and what each tool is for – so as a retailer, you can help your customer find the right tool for the job.

AMES Tools Range

What are the essential garden tools, and what are they for?

Digging spade and digging fork

The digging spade is used for breaking through soils and other heavier duty work, while the fork cuts through tougher areas. They’re designed for use together: prepare the area with the fork before using the spade.

Border spade and border fork

Border tools have smaller size heads and reduced overall length, designed for lighter tasks like working soils in beds, borders and tighter spaces without disrupting nearby roots.

Square mouth shovel

Designed for scooping up loose material, the flat tip makes it easier to scoop from a flat surface or footpath.

Planting spade

The longer scoop is ideal for digging tighter holes ready for planting, and creating holes in space-restricted areas.

Pointed shovel

The rounded tip makes this shovel ideal for breaking through soils, enabling improved penetration through tougher material.

Double sided soil rake

Designed with 16 carbon steel tines, ideal for cultivating and levelling soils to prepare the ground for planting and sowing.

Extra wide leaf rake

The extra wide head features 24 tines for fast, efficient garden tidying. The large-size plastic head gathers a large amount of leaves and grass in one pass, and the long handle makes it easy to use.

Flat tine leaf rake

Flat, flexible tines make this rake perfect for quick, general clearing of leaves and grass cuttings from lawns, beds and borders.

Lawn and leaf rake

The lawn and leaf rake comes in stainless steel for optimal strength and performance – with 16 tines ideal for collecting leaves, grass and debris.

Soil rake

With a long handle and 14 stainless steel tines, the soil rake cultivates and levels soils ready for planting. Its strength places it perfectly for levelling gravel and harder materials.

Wire leaf rake

Collect leaves with the wire leaf rake, designed with 16 carbon steel tines specially tempered to withstand greater force without deformation.

Lawn edger

Used for tidying and trimming the edge of a grass lawn, the lawn edger is designed to easily finish the areas lawnmowers can’t reach.

Dutch hoe

The dutch hoe severs the roots of weeds by sliding under the soil surface, using a push-pull movement rather than a chopping motion use with a draw hoe.

Draw hoe

Designed to break up large areas ready for planting, the draw hoe uses a chopping motion to enable quick removal of large weeds, and is also good for hilling potatoes.

Stirrup hoe

This hoe oscillates – moves forwards and backwards – using a double sided blade to slice through weeds below ground, preventing any exposure to sunlight which can help weeds grow back.

3 prong cultivator and 4 prong cultivator

Used to mix soils or compost, for aerating the ground and breaking up soil in hard to reach areas.

Bulb planter

This tool enables the gardener to easily dig clean, consistent holes for bulb planting, with a foot tread for easy penetration into the soil.

Lawn aerator

Aerates the lawn by piercing holes into the ground with cylinders that remove small plugs of turf, with handle and foot bar for added leverage.

Hand patio weeder

A hand tool used to remove weeds between paving, on pathways and edging by reaching into small gaps to slice weeds at the root and drag them out.

Midi hand fork and trowel

The longer handle on the midi length tools affords added reach when working borders and can be used for potting or transferring plants, mixing soil and digging holes.

Hand fork and hand trowel

Used for potting plants, transferring to new pots, mixing soil and compost or digging holes for planting – both with a standard length handle.

Hand transplanter

With its longer and narrower shape than a standard trowel, the hand transplanter’s shape cradles a bulb for planting, offers measurement guidance for depth accuracy and is ideal for intricate seedling work.


This hand tool is useful for making uniform holes in the ground for seeds, seedlings and small bulbs; it also helps prevent soil compaction.

Daisy grubber

Used to remove deep roots without disturbing surrounding soil.

Small bulb planter

Designed to create precise holes for planting smaller bulbs, with reduced effort.

Hand bulb planter

The hand bulb planter creates accurate holes for planting bulbs and has a quick release to discard the soil removed.

Potting scoop

With a wide, deep head the potting scoop makes it easier and faster to scoop compost out of a bag, and it holds far more soil than a standard trowel.

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