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AMES expert installation: Selby Garden Centre

AMES Tools have finally arrived in stores!

With the first installation heading to Selby Garden Centre, the AMES expert merchandising team were there to deliver, unload and set up the full back wall display.

It’s a seamless supply service that makes selling AMES Tools easy.

AMES Tools delivered direct to store

Merchandisers deliver AMES Tools direct to store – often working together with Sales managers and garden centre staff to get to know the space.

Lots of stores will see the same merchandisers several times a season, so the teams get to know the team as well as the space and can often anticipate layout and display needs ahead of time, or make expert recommendations.

At Selby Garden Centre, the space was made ready and manager Claire was on hand to see her Tools display constructed from start to finish.

Merchandisers set up AMES Tools as standard

With a space already earmarked for the AMES Tools display, teams can get to work straight away.

Merchandisers bring a mix of creativity and construction expertise – building the display unit there in the store, then adding stock and perfecting the layout.

AMES Tools back wall displays can cover 1 or 2 metres and come with sleek black fixtures, built-in spotlights and backlit header panel, so the AMES brand can do the talking.

Other display options are available, including an island display unit, a hanging display unit, and promotional freestanding unit – variously designed to create smaller footprints and ease of movement.

Why do retailers love AMES Tools?

What made Claire choose brand new AMES Tools for her store, and what does she think?

Great terms with AMES
Claire says: “The whole package was made available as a great pre-season deal, but I also like the difference and quality of the products.”

Outstanding POS
Claire is delighted with the AMES Tools point of sale solution, commenting: “The display is very eye-catching and explains the products to customers. The QR code sending customers from the label to the website to learn more is a fantastic idea.”

Standout features and USPs
As a product range, Claire says AMES Tools covers everything the garden centre needs to offer customers.

She says: “The carbon range is a great point of difference compared to other supplier products. The quality shines through and there are many different features creating selling points.”

Are you interested in stocking AMES Tools? If you’re already an AMES Companies customer, please contact your usual sales manager.

If not, no worries – you can easily register your interest here and a member of the team will be in touch to help you get started.

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Discover more about Selby Garden Centre on their website.