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Sam Stickland on a tools sales uptick with AMES 

Since landing in stores nationwide in January, AMES Tools have made their mark – not least at Burston Garden Centre where sales have since increased 17% since switching out a previous supplier. Sam Stickland, Garden Care Manager at Burston Garden Centre shares the retailers experience so far this season since they made the switch: the centre has seen increased sales, thanks to high quality tools that are expertly merchandised by the AMES Tools team.  

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Increased sales 

AMES Tools is a proven hit with shoppers – great news for retailers looking to increase consumer spend instore. Burston Garden Centre have seen the benefits of AMES Tools first hand, as told by Sam: “Since transitioning to using AMES gardening tools from our previous supplier, our sales have experienced a significant uptake of 17%”.  

“This remarkable increase can be attributed to the unrivalled quality and value for money that AMES Tools’ offer”. 

High quality products 

Shoppers are looking for quality tools – crafted from carbon and stainless steel and with added features like Comfort Step, AMES Tools prioritises high-quality tools that are built to last. “Customers have recognised the superior craftsmanship and durability of Ames products, leading to higher satisfaction levels and repeat purchases”. Said Sam. 

“The decision to switch suppliers has proven to be a strategic move that not only boosted our sales but also enhanced our brand reputation in the gardening tools market”. 

Expert merchandising support 

All AMES Tools customers will receive setup, restocking, and ongoing support from a dedicated merchandiser team, something that the teams at Burston have benefitted from. “I get regular visits from the merchandising team who always make sure the stands are looking 100% with signage present and correct”.  

“AMES offer both exceptional merchandising support and point of sale. With wage bills increasing, it is vital that we receive the support we need from our suppliers and AMES excel in this regard”.  

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