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Retail-ready with 3 essential AMES resources

With a wide and varied range of products available, the garden tools market has a lot of great choices for retailers looking to stock a tool range in-store. Caroline Elliot, Product and Marketing Director points retailers to 3 essential resources at retailers’ fingertips: educational point of sale, expert advice and marketing support. 

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Educational point of sale  

Consumers tend to seek education on knowing what the right tool is for the gardening task they are looking to complete. Caroline says, “This is why we have partnered with David Domoney as AMES Tools brand ambassador to help us inspire and educate with free-to-use content.” 

“With David’s expert advice, we’re committed to helping AMES Tool retailers – they have access to a full suite of information, including high-quality imagery, product descriptions, and documentation to help support their marketing initiatives”.  

Our packaging has been designed to help consumers buy the right garden tools. Caroline says; “the packaging highlights the features and benefits of each item, so customers can easily find the right tool for the job and learn how to use it most efficiently.” 

Expert advice  

Each product on the AMES Tools website contains information to help consumers make an informed decision before they head to store. Caroline says, “the website and marketing plans are designed to push consumers into your store, with all retailers listed on the website for easy location.”  

And for your customers shopping already, QR codes are on each product tag, which they can scan and access more information online before they make the purchase.  

Marketing support for retailers 

Retailers are invited to use the website where they can access the free AMES Tools trade portal with imagery, product descriptions and digital documents, which is great for prepping their marketing toolbox and sharing information with colleagues. 

We know how busy our customers are, so we’re on hand to help with deliveries. Caroline says, “Once tools are delivered to store, they’ll be on display with strong branding and sleek hanging systems; all put together by the AMES merchandising team who deliver, unload, and set up for retailers as standard.” 

Are you interested in stocking AMES Tools? If you’re already an AMES Companies customer, please contact your usual sales manager

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