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Comfort Step: What’s the big deal?

AMES Tools Comfort Step: what's the big deal?

AMES Tools designs are rooted in decades of tool-making expertise and brought to life with modern techniques. Thanks to a global brand reach, we’re able to draw on collective experience to create tools that look good, feel great and perform well – that’s how we invented the Comfort Step.

What is the Comfort Step?

Designed to solve a problem, the Comfort Step is a large foot tread that allows gardeners to enjoy doing what they love more – by making gardening easier, and more enjoyable, for a longer period of time.

The Comfort Step features on all of the AMES Tools carbon steel digging tools. It’s the market’s largest foot tread, specifically designed with a generous surface area and perforated holes for grip. When gardeners dig with the Comfort Step, they enjoy increased power and leverage when they dig into material, and as they lift it out.

When it’s less work to dig, the job isn’t so hard on the back, arms, legs or hands. Don’t forget that AMES Tools carbon steel spades also come with an ergonomically designed handle and ash wood shaft, designed to absorb shock – the combination making an altogether more comfortable digging experience.

AMES Tools spades aren’t just more comfortable to use.

Each one is specifically designed for strength and durability to become your customers’ new favourite tool: crafted for strength with a tempered steel head that’s stamped and forged, plus a deep set shaft and double rivets for a more secure connection point.

Across the carbon and stainless steel ranges, AMES Tools are innovated for strength, feature sustainably sourced wooden handles and all come with a market leading 15 year guarantee. Shop the whole range here.

Next steps

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