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Double rivets: What’s the big deal?

When AMES Tools experts set out to create a brand new range, it was with customers at the heart of design.

Backed by years of expertise and extensive consumer research, AMES Tools designs focus on detail. From the comfort step to the FSC ash wood handle, every feature is informed by gardeners and how they use their tools.

So let’s talk about AMES Tools double rivets: what’s the big deal?

Why do garden spades snap?

One of the main issues gardeners have with spades and tools is snapping.

Some digging spades and forks are prone to snapping under pressure – and usually, the culprit is a shallow connection between the handle shaft and the metal socket of the tool head. Snapping also is also a problem with lighter plastic or fibreglass handles.

Often, garden tools that snap use only a single rivet attaching the shaft and socket – indicating a shallow connection and therefore, a weak point likely to snap under pressure.

Designing for strength and longevity

AMES Tools are designed to minimise weak points – ultimately, creating strength and longevity for the user.

That’s where the double rivet comes in.

The double rivet, far apart on the tool, indicates a long connection where the handle shaft joins the metal socket of the tool head.

This seemingly small detail adds considerable strength in a high-pressure area, making AMES Tools more reliable and hard wearing for an unrelenting performance.

AMES Tools have a 15 year warranty

Strength and performance are priority for gardeners, so they’re priority for us too.

With highly researched design, decades of expertise and world class quality assurance, we’re delighted to give AMES Tools a 15 year warranty.

Double rivets at the handle connection play a big part in the strength of AMES Tools, but if you’re interested in educating customers don’t forget about the Comfort Step and knowing the difference between the carbon steel and stainless steel range construction.

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