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Tempered steel: what’s the big deal?

AMES Tools are specially designed for strength – and tempering the steel heads is an important step.

Decades of manufacturing experience combined with first-class innovation means AMES offer the most forward-thinking range of horticultural tools on the market: strong, ergonomic, beautiful and guaranteed for 15 years.

Here you can find out why their tempered steel construction is so important.

What is tempered steel?

Tempering is a process of heat treating steel that increases its toughness, making it a great choice for garden tools. So how does tempering work?

Steel is an alloy, or a mix of elements. In tempering, the metal is heated under its critical-point temperature, then cooled.

When we heat and then cool it with precise control, the physical properties of the alloy microstructure are transformed.

The result of the structure change is that hardness is decreased, but overall toughness and strength are improved.

You can learn more about tempering here.

Why is tempered steel good for tools?

When it comes to AMES Tools, decreasing the hardness of the steel makes the tools less likely to break or fracture. It also increases ductility, which the metal less brittle.

This means AMES Tools benefit from:

  • The ability to bend and not break (toughness)
  • Resistance to deformation (strength)

Tempered steel is a must-have for garden tools, which gardeners expect to stand up to a high amount of stress and wear over many years of use.

Are AMES Tools made with tempered steel?

All AMES Tools are made with tempered steel, both in the Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel ranges.

With strength and durability at the heart of AMES Tools designs, our product design team has blended decades of experience with the most innovative techniques.

In the image below, you can see how attention to detail on both the steel and wooden elements of the spade create a reliable and high quality overall finish.

AMES Tools are designed with:

  • Tempered steel construction for strength and durability
  • Comfort step for easy digging
  • Double rivets for additional handle strength
  • One-piece stamped steel for reduced weak points from welding

We’re dedicated to bringing the market a durable and beautiful range of tools that gardeners love – and the entire range comes with a 15 year guarantee.

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